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Movie Review! Or, Chronicle… This Is Why You Should Always Be Nice To The Shy, Awkward, Bullied Kid

Wow. I just realized I started this review more than a year ago, back when I was in Kansas, and never posted it! Sadness. Well, if you haven’t seen the movie Chronicle yet (there might be, like, four of you out there), ENJOY! Caution: Contains SPOILERS.

Everybody remembers that kid. You know the one. The one who some openly picked on, too few defended, and everyone else just looked away and moved on with their lives. This is the story of one of those kids. Who gets superpowers. And surprise, all hell breaks loose.

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Watch the Entire Road Less Traveled Trilogy Online for Free!

Well look who it is. It’s us. And it’s you. And it’s a special day for all of us…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now comes the best part, our gift to you – the entire Road Less Traveled Trilogy online and ready for your eager lil’ peepers!

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Our Big Night

Thanks to everyone who made it out last weekend to our Road Less Traveled Premiere night!

Fans new and old were treated to nearly 2 hours of vampire intrigue, action and drama. Damian Locke finally chose his path; Samuel Merchant finally got what was coming to him; and the Phoenix Sanctuary immortals were forever changed.

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New Site, New Trailer, And Our Big Announcement!

Welcome to the completely revamped Man on the Run website! You’ve now got access to film production updates, movie reviews, behind the scenes notes, photos, videos and more! It’s been a long time in the making, so please take a moment and let us know what you think!

But that’s not all… are you ready for the Road Less Traveled – Episode III: Vanishing Point Trailer?

Shot almost entirely in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding cities, Vanishing Point is the final chapter in the Road Less Traveled Trilogy – and you’ve got a front row seat!

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Margarine Wars… Or, How One Book On Scriptwriting Changed My Life

A little over two months ago, a buddy and old writing partner of mine, Scott Walker, called me up with an interesting proposition — how would I like to join him in writing a feature length comedy– Sorry, how would I like to join him in writing a feature length comedy… and get PAID for it?

I don’t even think I hesitated, “Yes!” spilled right out of my mouth.

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