The end.

Feels weird to start something with those words, but it’s very appropriate in this case. It’s where we’re almost at with Road Less Traveled: Episode 3 – Vanishing Point. The end. Three and a half years in the making… sorta.

We started in the summer of 2006.

L to R - Jamel, Jon (kneeling), Joe, Dusty & Chris

A few friends, a borrowed camera and a lot of fantastic, local talent. We shot on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays. All on the good graces of our actors, crew and location owners.

Dusty & Chris on set

No one was paid.

Major Graves Lives Up to His Name

No one complained.

Barnes & The Soldiers Looking Pissed

When shooting was over, the real work began…

Patrick & Joe Kissing Up to Their Baby

Post production included editing, music, sound effects and special FX. I started editing, Pat took on the many (oh so many, sorry Pat) special FX shots, and we found two great composers: Abram Peña and Scott K. Haskin to do our music. Abram scored Episode 2 – Path Not Taken, and Scott scored both the Webisode and Episode 3 – Vanishing Point.

I ran into Abram a couple of weeks ago in Fry’s Electronics. Totally random. He’s still making music and has only gotten better. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

Scott and I talk on the phone almost weekly as we put the finishing touches on Episode 3. He’s a very busy man so I appreciate the time (and patience) he so willingly gives me. He’s seriously a joy to work with. I don’t know how he found the time to do it, but the guy wrote a book on indie film composing! The reviews so far have been great. I think he’s really on to something.

Did I mention he also composed the Man on the Run theme for our opening logo? The guy’s a machine.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. Getting to this point, Pat, Jamel and I suffered setbacks…

Patrick, Joe & Jamel

…but we managed to keep the ball rolling.

The products that came from those 6 months of shooting, two 50-minute Episodes and one 12-minute Webisode, still put a smile on my face when I watch them. And I’ve seen them more times than anyone alive (unless you’re stalking us or something, and watch our stuff every night, in which case, thank you!).

Marty, Brion & Jon Striking A Soldier Pose

What’s coming up for Man on the Run? Look for Episode 1 to be released online for free in the next month or so, then we’ll be screening Episodes 2 & 3, along with the Webisode, on one glorious night later this year.

In the meantime, we’ll be updating this blog with production notes and upcoming Man on the Run projects. So stay tuned and on the run with us. We’re not stopping anytime soon.

With respect, admiration and a tendency to run towards the verbose,

— Joe