Road Less Traveled: Webisode

Vampires… Immortal. Powerful. Deadly.

Why are they here? Who created them?

These two questions have haunted Damian Locke for centuries. He has spent most of his existence seeking out others of his kind, hoping to understand the origins of their race, and more importantly, their purpose.

Finally, after two hundred years, all the answers will be revealed… but not to him.

Bridging the gap between Episodes 1 & 2 of the Road Less Traveled trilogy, the Webisode explains the history and destiny of the vampires, and sets up the premise for Episode 3 – Vanishing Point.

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Matt Robinson as Ancient Vampire
Patrick Barrett as Samuel Merchant

Director of Photography:
Jamel Singleton

Music by:
Scott K. Haskin

Produced by:
Christopher Carlson
Melissa Carlson

Directed by:
Joe Holt

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