Man On The Run is an independent film production company based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a focus on character-driven stories and fast moving action, these indie filmmakers have only one goal: make movies that people want to watch.

So how about it – Are You On The Run?

Joe Holt, Creative Director and Co-Founder

Patrick Barrett, Technical Director and Co-Founder

Jamel Singleton, Technical Producer and Partner

Joe Holt, Creative Director and Co-FounderJoe Holt is the Creative Director and co-founder of Man on the Run. Since the company’s inception, he has worn many hats, including writer, director, actor, composer and editor. In fact, his creativity and multi-disciplinary approach have built the foundation upon which all Man on the Run productions are based. He expects everyone in the company to be a Renaissance man.

Like many of Man on the Run’s partners, Joe’s love for movie production started at an early age. During his teen years he filmed car chases and epic fights with his parents’ old camcorder. This passion intensified in adulthood, and Joe discovered he could envision entire scenes in his head before a single frame was shot. In college he met Patrick Barrett, whose level-headedness and ingenuity blended perfectly with Joe’s impulsive nature and focus. It was this perfect combination that drove them to form Man on the Run.

Joe knows the future of Man on the Run is feature length films, but he hasn’t forgotten that meaningful short films and webisodes are the future of the Internet. He intends to see all of his ideas—short, serial and feature length—through to fruition. In 2010, he and Patrick will be completing the ‘Road Less Traveled’ series and starting on the company’s next major projects.



Twitter: @joeholtphx

Patrick Barrett, Creative Director and Co-FounderPatrick Barrett is the Technical Director and co-founder of Man on the Run. His background and expertise combine many business and technical aspects of production, ranging from day-to-day management of the company to completing post-production projects and special effects. He effortlessly balances creativity with ingenuity — a trait which all Man on the Run films and shorts have inherited.

Patrick has always had a love for movies. Growing up, he spent almost every weekend in a movie theater. When he’d blown through his allowance, he’d scour his parent’s house, hoping to find just enough change to buy another ticket. Over the years, Patrick discovered his passion to entertain audiences through storytelling. His developing leadership skills eventually leaned toward the more technical aspects of production, and throughout high school, Patrick controlled stage lighting and accepted directorial roles for children’s theater. In his early twenties, he met Joe, and the pair quickly realized that Patrick’s analytical talents were exactly what Joe’s creative eye needed. A few months later, Man on the Run was born.

Today, Patrick has extended his position to Texas. He continues to manage the company and complete special effects shots remotely, flying back to Phoenix, AZ regularly to be on set.


Twitter: @patrickbarrett

Jamel Singleton, Technical Producer and PartnerJamel Singleton brings over ten years of creative design, advertising and multimedia experience to Man on the Run. As Technical Producer, Jamel not only oversees various technical aspects of Man on the Run film productions, he is also the primary Director of Photography. Additionally, he is responsible for the creative development of the Man on the Run brand and is the site’s lead web designer.

Like most children of the 80s, television played a huge role in Jamel’s life. When he wasn’t watching his favorite shows and movies, he was trying to take the TV apart to see how it worked. Eventually, he moved from California to Arizona to attend the Art Institute of Phoenix. College soon became a second home for him, and he spent every waking hour soaking up any knowledge his professors were willing to share. It’s also where he met Joe , co-founder of Man on the Run. The two became fast friends and often imagined a future where they would produce films together. In 2006, Jamel joined Joe and Patrick as a partner in Man on the Run, fulfilling a longtime dream and gaining two life-long friends.