For over two hundred years, the vampire, Damian Locke, has wandered the earth, seeking out others of his kind and searching for the answers to his existence. He is a Progenitor, one of only a handful of his race gifted with the ability to create more vampires… a power Locke is not entirely sure he wants… or the curse that comes with it.

Returning to his birthplace, Locke discovers that many things have changed in his absence. The vampire that created him, Joseph, has grown old and weak, while a bitter rival from the past has taken Joseph’s place as leader of the vampires. A new enemy has also emerged, one that threatens to enslave the vampires and manipulate them towards its own dark purpose.

Will Locke choose to become the very thing he now despises, or will he abandon his people to face this growing evil on their own? Which path would you take? The easy way… or the road less traveled?

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Road Less Traveled: Episode I - Credits...»

Patrick Barrett as Samuel Merchant
Christopher Carlson as Thomas
Brandon Child as Soldier # 4
Josh Crosby as Soldier # 1
Hector Duran as Vincent
Dustin Eppers as Nyxx
Jason Gower as Soldier # 2
Robert Gower Jr. as Soldier # 3
Joe Holt as Damian Locke
Jon Jensen as Curtis McMillin
Dominick Levi as Joseph
Arcelia Navarro as Garrett
Christopher Rael as Bastion
Ben Woerner as Major Graves

Skye L. Brown
Sarah Hall
Kelli Joseph
Kathleen McFadden
Keegan Orange

Help Behind the Camera:
Dennis Q. Alaniz
Bill Charbonneau
Micailia Crosby
Sarah Pickard

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