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Jason Rittenour sees dead people… and he’s not happy about it. Get up. Brush your teeth. Throw some clothes on and wade your way through a waiting room full of ghosts determined to make you do their bidding. That’s a typical day for Jason… but today is not a typical day.

Armed men have stormed his house, and his ex-wife Kate has just popped in (literally) from out of nowhere to tell him he’s a wanted man. Apparently she’s being held captive and needs his help… Across town, Jason’s friends are being rounded up as well. Ryan is a convicted felon who likes to throw things when he gets mad… but being telekinetic he doesn’t have to use his hands… Russell can’t quite seem to hold down a job, or concentrate on one task… like the electronic devices he can manipulate, this technopath’s mind suffers from information overload…

All of them have spent a lifetime hiding their abilities, and until recently had refused to talk to one another. But someone is hunting them, and they’re only chance of surviving is by working together. Normally this would all be some sort of misunderstanding… Normally… but Jason and his friends are far from normal…

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Joe Holt as Jason Rittenour
Skye L. Brown as the Ghost Who Stands
Arcelia Navarro as the Ghost Who Questions
Kelli Joseph as the Ghost Who Walks
Patrick Barrett as the Ghost Who Talks
Melissa Carlson as the Ghost Who Sits
Anyanka Carlson as the Ghost Who Sleeps
Christopher Rael as the Ghost Who Wanders
Anna Cota as the Ghost Who Reads
Sarah Pickard as Kate Masters
Terry Crowder as Agent Nash
Josh Crosby as Agent Gwynn
Sylvanna Levi as Agent Harper
Erynn Lebowitz as Agent Rayne
Christopher TruLove as Agent Corbett
Brion Neeley as Agent Barber

Help Behind the Camera::
Christopher Carlson
Dustin Eppers

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