New Sanctuary… New allies… New enemies… Damian Locke has made his choice… now comes the hard part.

With Joseph still missing and the military in pursuit, the Phoenix Vampires have fled their home for the Three Sister’s Sanctuary in Oregon. There they meet Braeden, a Preceptor so completely the opposite of Samuel Merchant, Locke doesn’t know what to make of him. The vampires there all have questions for the Progenitor: where has he been, what has he seen and most importantly, what are his intentions? Locke must face their growing concerns while he struggles to truly fit in among his people. Once he despised them; now he has to lead them.

In Phoenix, the military hasn’t stopped their experiments, but as Graves loses control over the monsters he’s created, another soldier is sent to relieve him of his command… permanently. Sergeant Cole knows the vampires are more of a threat to this country than any weapon of mass destruction, and he intends to stop them the only way he knows how… by fire.

In the darkest hour of the Road Less Traveled trilogy, will Locke come to regret leaving behind the Path Not Taken?

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Michael Grossman as Braeden Kelly
Matt Robinson as Sergeant David Cole
Joe Holt as Damian Locke
Jon Jensen as Curtis McMillin
Katrina Shea as Hannah Marshall
Ben Woerner as Major Harlan Graves
Dustin Eppers as Nyxx
Jesse Alber as Zacharias Miller
Arcelia Navarro as Garrett
Chris Rael as Bastion
Hector Duran as Vincent
Chris Carlson as Thomas
Jamel Singleton as Lance Corporal Mitchell Adams
Martin Osckel as Corporal Anthony Marconi
Matt Ellingsen as Graves’ Soldier #2
Tony Bongo as Private Sean McGill
Matt Eghbali as Thomas’ Room Guard #1
Nicolas McCain as Thomas’ Room Guard #2
Steven Anderson as Sober Victim
Sylvanna Holt as Drunk Victim
Amberle Brewer as Human Girl / Agent
Patrick Barrett as Samuel Merchant

Vampire Soldiers:
Paul O’Keefe as Sergeant Chris Barnes
Joshua Wagner as Corporal John Gardner
David Massanova as Corporal Eric Hall
Tim Cole as Shane Wheeler
Mack Jones Jr. as Keith Dwyer
Seth Gandrud as Lucas Hostetler

Oregon Vampires:
April Tafoya, Cathy Ly, Donni Baker,
Janis Adams, Sarah Pickard, Tim Carlson, Wendy Cavalari

Phoenix Vampires:
Briana Kadelak, Lauren Palermo, Lindsey Dailey,
Marissa Fischer, Rosanna Fischer, Susan Palermo
Vincenza Holt

Graves’ Soldiers:
Simon Castro, Robert Pickard, Emily Grace Qualls,
Matt Ellingsen, Martin Osckel

Cole’s Soldiers:
Jesse Alber, Martin Osckel, Daren Palacio,
Joe LeForge, Steve Sample

Road Less Traveled Recap:
Skye L. Brown, Brandon Child, Josh Crosby,
Jason Gower, Robert Gower Jr., Kelli Joseph,
Dominick Levi, Kathleen McFadden, Keegan Orange

Behind the Scenes:

Directed by:
Joe Holt

Original Music by:
Abram Peña

Original Music Mixed and Recorded by:
Hasty Studios

Director of Photography:
Jamel Singleton

Executive Producer:
Patrick Barrett

Produced by:
Melissa Carlson, Jamel Singleton,
Chris Carlson, Jon Jensen, Patrick Barrett

Edited by:
Joe Holt

Camera Operators:
Jamel Singleton, Joe Holt,
Chris Carlson and Dustin Eppers

Visual Effects/Special Effects:
Patrick Barrett

Sound Effects:
Patrick Barrett and Abram Peña

Melissa Carlson

Written by:
Joe Holt

Production Photography:
Dustin Eppers and Chris Carlson

Technical Advisors:
Paul O’Keefe, Jesse Alber and Matt Robinson

Help Behind the Camera:
Dustin Eppers, Sarah Pickard, Jesse Alber,
Donni Baker, Dustin Osckel, Marie Singleton
Kathleen McFadden, Mack Jones Jr

Special Thanks to:

Sam Miller and Miller Shoe Store of Glendale, AZ
Corbett Hess and Cottos Sandwich Shop of Glendale, AZ
Deborah Ann Van Scyoc and Divine Creations Gifts & Treasures of Glendale, AZ
The Glendale Police Department, The Camelback Esplanade,
Enza Holt, Mark Forrester & Bob Bruno, Mack Jones Jr,
The Sub Crew: Amy, Sam, Dustin and Javier

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