Well look who it is. It’s us. And it’s you. And it’s a special day for all of us…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now comes the best part, our gift to you – the entire Road Less Traveled Trilogy online and ready for your eager lil’ peepers!

Snuggle up close to your loved one and watch…

The Original Road Less Traveled:

Road Less Traveled: Episode 2 – Path Not Taken:

Road Less Traveled: Episode 3 – Vanishing Point:

and the Road Less Traveled Webisode:

There’s no better way to tell someone “I love you”, than by quoting Damian Locke (“I don’t kill!”), or Samuel Merchant (“Locke can’t just be killed… a progenitor has to want to die.”) or even the loveable Major Graves (“What?!” *SPLAT* and then he’s killed, horribly). (Side note, and I just realized this, there’s a lot of killing in these movies, apparently… maybe you’ll want to watch them if you just broke up with someone…)

Wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing, it can’t be as awesome as watching more than THREE HOURS of vampire goodness (and badness) (and badass-ness)… FOR FREE!

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— Enjoy folks, and Happy Valentines from everyone at Man on the Run!