His worst fears realized… His greatest enemy returned… Damian Locke knows every choice he’s made has brought him here… to this moment… now he must see it through.

Abandoned by his people, Locke has returned to Phoenix, intent on confronting the military and ending their experiments, but Sergeant Cole has other plans for the Progenitor: find Samuel Merchant and the vampires he’s training, and turn them over to the government. Unfortunately, he learns only too late that Locke doesn’t take orders very well.

As Locke evades one enemy, he finds himself thrust into the clutches of another. Samuel Merchant is back; faster, stronger and wiser than before. The former Preceptor hasn’t been idle, either. He’s finally found a way to finish Locke off for good, and rebuild his Sanctuary, but as he’s discovered, a Progenitor can only be killed if he wants to die.

In the final chapter of the Road Less Traveled Trilogy, will Locke choose to work with the military and end the vampire threat, or will he give in to Samuel and at last get the answers he’s spent centuries looking for? Either way, it all ends here, where paths converge… the Vanishing Point.

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Patrick Barrett as Samuel Merchant
Joe Holt as Damian Locke
Jon Jensen as Curtis McMillin
Matt Robinson as Sergeant Cole
Michael Grossman as Braeden Kelly
Christopher Carlson as Thomas
Dustin Eppers as Nyxx
Paul O’Keefe as Sergeant Barnes
Joshua Wagner as Corporal Gardner
David Massanova as Corporal Hall
Tim Cole as Shane Wheeler
Mack Jones Jr. as Keith Dwyer
Seth Gandrud as Lucas Hostetler
Steve Sample as Daniels
Tony Bongo as Private McGill
Martin Osckel as Corporal Marconi
Jamel Singleton as Lance Corporal Adams
Jesse Alber as Zach
Amberle Brewer as Agent in Photo
Daren Palacio as Soldier #1
Joe LeForge as Soldier #2
Lilly Enwiya as Elevator Woman #1
Dena Frederickson as Elevator Woman #2
Jon Ryder as Elevator Man #1
S.J. Munson as Hall Agent #1
Brion Neeley as Hall Agent #2
Emilee Edwards as Hall Agent #3
Rebecca Korzilius as Hall Agent #4
Bill Charbonneau as Soldier in Hall
Tamara McDaniel as Pedestrian #1
Anthony Hagen as Pedestrian #2
Natali Gresham as Pedestrian #3
Brittani Gresham as Pedestrian #4
Najm (Najmuddin) Amad as Pedestrian #5
Ignacio Hernandez as Pedestrian #6
Ryan Martin as Pedestrian #7
Jonathan Halverson as Pedestrian #8
Aaron Kelling as Pedestrian #9
Matt Johnson as Detective Lewis
Oliver Davis as Detective Martin
Heather Schaeffer as Photographer
Nancy Alger as Pedestrian #10
Rebecca Alger as Pedestrian #11
Colleen Sheridan as Pedestrian #12
Timothy Carlson as Oregon Vampire #1
Donni Baker as Oregon Vampire #2
Maria Singleton as Oregon Vampire #3
Janis Adams as Oregon Vampire #4
Daniel Berry as Oregon Vampire #5
Pablo Nevares as Oregon Vampire #6
April Tafoya as Oregon Vampire #7
Sarah Pickard as Oregon Vampire #8
and Dominick Levi as Joseph

Behind the Scenes::

Written, Directed & Edited by:
Joe Holt

Original Music by:
Scott K Haskin

Director of Photography:
Jamel Singleton

Executive Producer:
Patrick Barrett

Produced by:
Melissa Carlson, Jamel Singleton
Chris Carlson, Jon Jensen

Camera Operators:
Jamel Singleton, Joe Holt, Patrick Barrett,
Chris Carlson and Dustin Eppers

Casting by:
Melissa Carlson

Sound Effects:
Joe Holt

Visual Effects:
Patrick Barrett

Production Photography:
Dustin Eppers and Chris Carlson

Technical Advisors:
Paul O’Keefe, Jesse Alber and Matt Robinson

Stunt Choreographer:
Joe Holt

Help Behind the Camera:
Jesse Alber, Dustin Osckel, Maria Singleton
Enza Holt, Josh Crosby, Glendale Police Department
Mark Forrester, Bob Bruno, Camelback Esplanade

Special Thanks To:
Sam Miller and the Miller Shoe Store of Glendale, AZ
Corbett Hess and Cottos Sandwich Shop of Glendale, AZ
Deborah Ann Van Scyoc and Divine Creations Gifts & Treasures of Glendale, AZ

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