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Watch the Entire Road Less Traveled Trilogy Online for Free!

Well look who it is. It’s us. And it’s you. And it’s a special day for all of us…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now comes the best part, our gift to you – the entire Road Less Traveled Trilogy online and ready for your eager lil’ peepers!

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Our Big Night

Thanks to everyone who made it out last weekend to our Road Less Traveled Premiere night!

Fans new and old were treated to nearly 2 hours of vampire intrigue, action and drama. Damian Locke finally chose his path; Samuel Merchant finally got what was coming to him; and the Phoenix Sanctuary immortals were forever changed.

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The End?

The end.

Feels weird to start something with those words, but it’s very appropriate in this case. It’s where we’re almost at with Road Less Traveled: Episode 3 – Vanishing Point. The end. Three and a half years in the making… sorta. Keep Reading

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