For those of you who know me, you know I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Okay, a lot of a perfectionist. And I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to perfectly pull all the social feeds of my day job into one place… and each time I’ve come up short. Or met with disaster. Or both.


I’d never heard of TintUp before, but it came up high in my Google search results for ‘social aggregator’ and the testimonials on the site proved it to be beyond reproach. I thought, “Why not?” and plunged in, creating my initially free TintUp page. Signing up was a breeze, and the creation system was very intuitive. I was also able to view the many ways TintUp lets you display your feeds… some look more like Facebook, others more like a news site, and still others like formal or informal blogs. The catch is that only certain display modes are offered for the free version, then others for the Plus version, and so on and so on.

I was able to include 2 social feeds right from the start in my free version, so I chose Facebook and Twitter… and that’s when I realized we had a TON of duplicated content between the two channels. Got a cool photo? “Let’s post it to Facebook and tweet it!” New blog post? “Let’s link to it from Facebook and tweet it!” I thought this was going to be an issue… but then Tint lets you easily and quickly remove duplicate content, or really any content from any of the feeds that you don’t want to include in your one-stop-social-shop.

Once more, the perfectionist in me smiled broadly.

Next up was setting up the display look of the page… I could adjust some things, but found I was really limited to only a few ‘looks’ in the free version. I made one of them work, but wasn’t quite satisfied enough for my inner perfectionist to gloat, so I had to let it go and just move on. Once I settled on something, I tried to embed it into our test site and it worked easily with WordPress.

Right off I was impressed with the look of my page. Even if it did only have two feeds and a look that I wasn’t 100% happy with (*inner perfectionist groan*).

I showed the example to my team and everyone was elated (apparently my worries of the ‘look’ of the page were unwarranted, but trying telling that to the crazy person inside me).

I got the green light and purchased the Plus Plan. Later that afternoon I was gleefully adding additional feeds to the page… LinkedIn, our Blog (RSS), our Instagram (heck, I just started the Instragram account, just to add it to this page!), and more. TintUp allows users of the Plus Plan to add up to 10 social feeds, though really, I can’t imagine we’d get up past 7 or so.

I was also able to customize our page a bit more with the upgraded plan, and at last my perfection-seeking persona is complete. The new page looks great. The service is awesome. And (hopefully) everyone’s going to be talking about our new and improved social feed.

I highly recommend checking out TintUp. you might be disappointed a bit by the free version (if you’ve got a little of the crazy in you too), but I guarantee you’ll love the paid version.