“Previously… on Road Less Traveled.”

So there we were… secreted away in a black car; its windows darkly tinted; its passengers engaged in a clandestine operation to capture audio that had failed so many times before…

“Previously… on Road Less Traveled…”

“Hmm… Can you try it slower and with less emotion?”


(laughing) “Not like a ROBOT!

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Movie Review! Or, The Road & Mutant Chronicles… Two Movies I’ll Never Need To See Again. Ever. Seriously.

Anyone who knows me knows I love movies. Especially Comedies. And Action movies. And of course, the apex of film making; the best of both worlds: the Action/Comedy.

So… is it shocking that I really didn’t enjoy The Road or Mutant Chronicles? Probably not. But I wanted to like both of them.

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Tint – It’s not just for windows anymore. Or… How I got all my social feeds on one page.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Okay, a lot of a perfectionist. And I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to perfectly pull all the social feeds of my day job into one place… and each time I’ve come up short. Or met with disaster. Or both.

Enter TintUp.com.

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On Set

At some point between being on the set of a commercial yesterday morning and hanging out with Scott Haskin last night, I learned some interesting things about myself and making movies/shorts/etc: Keep Reading

The End?

The end.

Feels weird to start something with those words, but it’s very appropriate in this case. It’s where we’re almost at with Road Less Traveled: Episode 3 – Vanishing Point. The end. Three and a half years in the making… sorta. Keep Reading

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